GeniuXs AI Rules, Terms, and Policies

Users should manually review all content written by GeniuXs AI prior to publishing, sharing, or sending. The AI features of GeniuXs are provided as a tool, and the user is ultimately responsible for the content, including any inaccuracies or legal issues related to the content.

GeniuXs AI may not be used to generate content that is intentionally false, misleading, or illegal. In addition, all usage of GeniuXs AI must be and remain compliant with the OpenAI Usage Policies which may be updated at anytime.

All prompts, revisions, and content created by GeniuXs AI may be stored indefinitely on Logiscape's servers, and may be reviewed by Logiscape to improve the GeniuXs AI service. Logiscape may share any of this content with OpenAI and other partners to help diagnose bugs, and otherwise improve the technology. Note that this only applies to content generated by GeniuXs AI, and that regular emails added manually to the GeniuXs software is stored on your own hosting platform and not sent to Logiscape.

At this time, GeniuXs AI and most AI technologies in general are highly experimental, and may experience sudden updates, changes, or downtime without warning. Under no circumstances will Logiscape, or its owners, partners, or affiliates of Logiscape be held legally or financially liable for any damages caused by GeniuXs AI beyond the purchase price of any products or subscriptions made specifically for the GeniuXs AI service.